Pancho’s Lament

Pancho’s Lament

Pancho’s Lament

Leaving Town Alive

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Pancho’s Lament is the side project of acclaimed songwriter Jeff Cohen. A former BMI music executive, Cohen forged a writing career of his own after passing a copy of his independently recorded tune “The Truth About Romeo” to a WB exec, who then commissioned it as the theme song for the television show Jack and Jill. After that happy accident, Cohen left the industry side of the business behind for the creative.

Leaving Town Alive is Pancho’s Lament’s sophomore effort. While released by an indie label, this is major label quality stuff. Cohen proves himself to be a singer/songwriter in his own right on excellent pop-flavored songs like “Diamond,” the Tom Petty-esque “Louisiana Holiday” and a re-interpretation of “Crazy For This Girl,” a song he co-wrote with Evan and Jaron. Spine-chilling ballads such as “Fade” and “Somebody Still Loves You” enhance Cohen’s reputation even further. But the highlight of this collection of gems is the beautiful “Landing Where You Are,” co-written with Teitur.

Cohen may be a successful contributor to the careers of many major label artists, but Leaving Town Alive is proof that great music doesn’t necessarily need major label marketing behind it.

Pancho’s Lament:

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