Sofa King Killer

Sofa King Killer

Sofa King Killer

Midnight Magic

Retribute Records

Strapped with a clever name, Sofa King Killer comes to the table with a ton of sludgy guitars, nasty hooks, gnarled vocals and aggressive drums. While their latest effort, Midnight Magic, didn’t blow a hole right through my chest, I enjoy it quite a bit.

I prefer the songs with sludgy, bottom heavy guitars. On such songs, the band comes off as powerful and aggressive, a force to be reckoned with. Some of the songs, however, are much too laden with 1970’s Southern Rock/ Blues influenced guitar licks. They remind me of a cross between Led Zeppelin, Nashville Pussy and Mountain. What keeps these songs from totally sucking is the vocalist; he’s got a really solid scream/growl thing going on that remains constant throughout the entire record. The drummer is also one of the solid cogs in the band. He hits hard, aggressively and doesn’t try to be too fancy.

Fans of the nasty sounding Southern guitar rock crowd will eat this stuff up. There’s plenty of attitude and trashiness on this album to please even the most fickle fan of said genre. I probably won’t listen to this ever again.

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