The Code

The Code

The Code

Rhetoric of Reason

Jump Start

It’s too bad this EP only contains three songs and a cover of Operation Ivy’s “Unity.” Covering topics such as revolution, progress and greed, Rhetoric of Reason is typical punk/ska with politicized lyrics. At times, I wish the lyrics were more objective in their message (e.g., naming names). Punk music is at a point where it needs to be naming those who are ruining America. The first song, “Know Your Enemy,” proclaims: “In the darkness / in this madness lies another means to an end / but I contend, that the human spirit in us all will stand tall / If we don’t act on our ideas then they’re just words we sing.”

The Code have their hearts in the right place. They’re socially aware, informed, passionate and longing for positive change. “The Pace” races through punk rhetoric with a sound very similar to Kid Dynamite and Operation Ivy. Their cover of “Unity” is not that different from the original. I guess The Code analyzed the status-quo and realized that “Unity” is perfect for today’s headline news: “Tonight, stop this war / There’s nothing wrong with another unity song / Unity, revolution is going to come.”

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