The Coherent Encoherence

The Coherent Encoherence

The Coherent Encoherence

Will A Computer Give You Kids?

Recombinations Records

Undoubtedly, this is the most annoying record since Metal Machine Music, and I mean that in a bad way. It not only adds new dimension to unlistenable, but it doesn’t even have the moral high ground of serving to get someone out of a record contract. I hate to discourage youth, but this CD of sound collages from young Keith Hada and older-yet-not-wiser brother Nick represents a low point in my record reviewing career. I hope they get day jobs pronto.

Their press kit lists a long paragraph of “influences,” or to deconstruct just a bit: “real artists we sampled.” Hiding behind the worst Beatles song ever released, “Revolution #9,” they take floor sweeping and make it into even worse dreck. Lennon got away with it, but that’s before we realized how dangerous drugs are. Oh, sure they fiddle with the speed occasionally — as if that represents cutting-edge sampling. And they add an occasional vinyl pop or drop out, or maybe they just bought thrift shop records and digitized them. I’m hoping they’re just bragging to their friends that they “released a record.” Please guys, if you are, re-imprison this sound turd. Rather than acquire this disc, I recommend watching your stoned roommate flip channels, missing the soft core porn on HBO and getting stuck on the infomercials. At least the infomercials have clean sound.

This is a rip-off of the worst kind. The source material has plenty of merit in its original form — Sesame Street, Mungo Jerry, REM — but it’s treated by the Hada boys worse than Americans are treated in a Mexican Jail. Then, adding insult to injury, 5 or 10 cents worth of perfectly serviceable plastic is wasted to bring the sound to you, the deluded avant-garde record collector. It’s hard to believe the rights to these clips were cleared, but if they were, it shows some pretty stupid record execs. In the more likely event that they weren’t cleared, well guys, good luck, I doubt anyone will notice, not even the fearful RIAA. The best I can recommend for this disc is to give it as a gag gift. But as to listening to it for any length of time … well, I did it for you, and you owe me BIG TIME.


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