The Hunns

The Hunns

The Hunns

Long Legs

Disaster Records

The Hunns, if you don’t already know, are fronted by the gruesome twosome of ex-U.S. Bombs vocalist Duane Peters and ex-Nashville Pussy bassist Corey Parks. Hype aside, Long Legs, despite its gorgeous cover artwork and lovely packaging, is actually a pretty dull and uneventful disc.

If you’ve never heard The Hunns, but have heard U.S. Bombs and Nashville Pussy, imagine what The Hunns might sound like. These guys play pretty straightforward power-punk, a la the New York bar scene circa the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. The drums on the recording are really high-end heavy and lack punch. The guitars are also high-end heavy and weak. While the vocals are just about right, I find Duane Peters to be rather annoying; he is too snotty for me. Corey Parks, however, has got a really cool snarl and vicious delivery.

Unfortunately, Long Legs offers few surprises, and is pretty damn boring. I was excited to get this one in the mail, but fairly disappointed after a few listens. I probably would have liked this when I was a teenager, but it just sounds dated and pointless now.

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