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The Silvermen

The Silvermen

Incendiary, Luminary

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Kansas City’s The Silvermen have self-released their debut Incendiary, Luminary, 12 tracks of Horton Heat-ish, “yeah buddy” drinking rockabilly. It’s well-recorded, acceptably played and around 40 minutes. If it sounds as if I’m damning it with faint praise, you’re be right. Rockabilly as a genre hasn’t moved much past early Elvis or Link Wray, and this record certainly doesn’t rock the boat. You can count on songs about lost loves, drinking and cars, all in a giddy-up format that probably serves as a perfect soundtrack to a night of PBR-fueled dancing, but comes up a bit short the next morning. If you are a Heat fan, or going further back, perhaps a Commander Cody follower, then this record will suit you fine. As an aside, the band’s promo literature makes much of the fact the band is endorsed by DiPinto guitars and Red Devil energy drink. I wonder who sponsored Sun Records-era Johnny Cash or Carl Perkins? Well, I guess we’ll never know, having to content ourselves with the music they created. Alas.

The Silvermen:

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