The Weight

The Weight

The Weight

Ten Mile Grace

Sabot Productions

Get out yer bottle o’ whiskey, the box of old photos and some Kleenex, because The Weight’s Ten Mile Grace is a country tear-jerker of the highest grade. If you’re anything like me, you probably find most contemporary country music based too much in rock & roll’s extravagance – it’s way too over the top to be genuine. Apparently the guys in The Weight feel the same way, as they have managed to free country from the glitz and return it to its purest, raw form.

What will strike kids in the punk community (this album is on the Sabot, an imprint of No Idea) is how incredibly honest and pure these songs are. The lead vocalist has a husky voice that fits perfectly atop the lightly hit drums and acoustic and slide guitars. There’s something inexplicably special in his warm voice that invites the listener into his world of longing and regret. He’s world-weary, and we want to know why. Comparisons to Springsteen’s Nebraska are inevitable, as are comparisons to Chamberlain. Regardless of the comparisons to other bands, The Weight make a huge statement with Ten Mile Grace, and the more astute punks out there will be able to see the beauty and emotion of this album, despite its country tag.

Sabot Productions:

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