Time in Malta

Time in Malta

Time in Malta

Alone with the Alone

Equal Vision

Don your helmet and safety pads before slipping Alone with the Alone into your CD player. There’s lots of crunchy, chugga chugga guitars, screamed vocals, pounding drums and an overall feeling of crushing power from start to finish on this one, so get ready.

The majority of you have likely already experienced Time in Malta (I hope!), and with this album, they just continue to get better. They’ve managed to craft their brand of extremely heavy hard rock into something that a mainstream audience might actually tolerate, without sacrificing integrity or taste. It’s hard to pin down Time in Malta’s sound. There are elements of Hot Water Music, Boy Sets Fire and Hatebreed, but they don’t actually sound like any one of those bands. Their music is hard, punishing and aggressive. The vocalist screams and growls, but he can also sing/scream, much in the same way that the guy from Thursday can sing/scream.

The best bands always tend to defy classification, and Time in Malta is no exception. I can’t call what they do “emo,” because it really isn’t, nor is it “screamo,” “hardcore,” “metalcore,” or anything else. It’s a amalgamation of everything that has ever rocked. Time in Malta is awesome, and this album completely rules, period.

Equal Vision: http://www.equalvision.com

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