Torsos From Space

Torsos From Space

Torsos From Space

Songs For B Movies

Up Tight Records

Rude lyrics and righteous riffs, this is the sort of oddball band that will end up in your next party mix, and maybe in the car for that drive up to Atlanta. These guys are a scream – each song stands out as a minor ode to some aspect of the culture we all grew up with, and each has a singable, humable beat you can pound out on the steering wheel at a stoplight. After a mercifully short “Mission Statement,” the fun begins with the bouncy, X-rated “Japanese Porn,” an ode to sideways pussy and wasabi paste. Clearly, this is a band with an international view on life.

Pressing on, check “Old Ass Pumas,” with its clever break-dance contest intro (there’s a 12 zipper limit on parachute pants, among other requirements). This is drive fast, sing-along music at its best. Oh, there’s even a slightly slower number, “Another Shitty Dead Head Band.” As everyone knows, your band sucks ‘cause our band is better. Truer words were never spoken.

Titles are great, guitars rock and this four-piece is strong party music that you need to keep on hand for those emergency beer busts that happen without warning. Torsos From Space, Rock and Roll From The Heart. AND they’re funny.

Torsos From Space:

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