Cheval De Frise

Cheval De Frise

Cheval De Frise

Cheval De Frise

Sickroom Records

Cheval De Frise is a bizarre French duo that plays angular post-punk music, minus vocals. Their sound can be likened to Don Caballero, Gastr Del Sol, Dianogah and even Rodan. Their self-titled opus is one that will require both patience and a calculator.

The most important thing to note about these guys is that they are quite talented musicians, and that they have a penchant for the obtuse, discordant, angular and off time. There are times when their music will make you think, “Wow, that was cool,” while at other times, you’ll be plugging your ears and cringing. Some of the crazier guitar parts remind me of a diluted version of Psyopus and Dillinger Escape Plan.

This band is incredibly unique, and their music knows very few boundaries. What these two people do with their instruments is rather amazing. I have a personal love for this weird mathy stuff, so Cheval De Frise is right up my alley. Fans of the more complicated and mathematical side of music are definitely going to like this album, as will fans of anything unique that will drive your friends and family insane.

Sickroom Records p.o. box 47830 Chicago, IL 60647

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