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Name Taken

Name Taken

Hold On

Fiddler Records

Name Taken is another emo/punk band out of Orange, CA. They are a four-piece tour de force with a monstrous sound. Hold On is their debut full-length, and it is sure to get some notice in punk circles around the country.

Unlike the hundreds of other emo or punk bands, these guys are extremely talented. Power chords and typical punk rhythms are replaced with guitar solos — similar to what Thrice does. Actually, Name Taken is Thrice without the screaming. When they do uses straight chords and rhythms, it’s refreshing as opposed to monotonous. The musicianship of all each member is impeccable. Add vocals, and Name Taken becomes one of the premier bands in its genre.

The emo side of Name Taken makes for some pretty hackneyed lyrics, although there are a few good lines: “Cover up/Wrap your wrists in gauze/Fill your heart with cause/If it’s real or not,” from “Cover Up” and “I miss the feeling and everything but you,” from “This Was Never.”

Hold On is a showcase of what four talented musicians can do when they put their talents and hearts into their music. This sense of dedication emanates with each note and chord. Name Taken is a band that every fan of rock, punk and emo must hear.

Name Taken:

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