Is This Progress?

145 Records

Hey, there IS life beyond football in Green Bay, Wisconsin! There’s at least one decent band, the power trio Obsoletes. It’s basic guitar and drums, but with clear, evocative lyrics and just the right level to fill a decent Midwestern bar with sound on a Friday night. Nostalgia drips off the strings with titles like “Down To Milwaukee,” a song about losing the friends who were willing to take the hour ride to the big city. “Other Side of America” covers similar turf: life is just slightly better in another place than the one you’re stuck in now. I can just about smell the Pabst and pickled pigs’ feet up there behind the Lombardi picture; it’s that real a slice of hoser life. Obsoletes are a good time band, without becoming sappy or repetitive. You can just turn down the TV during the third set; it’s only a football game and the announcer isn’t telling you any thing you can’t see on the screen.

Obsoletes: www.theobsoletes.com • 145 Records: www.145records.com

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