Straight Outta Junior High

Straight Outta Junior High

Straight Outta Junior High

Kiss of Deaf

Mindset Records

Straight Outta Junior High’s Kiss of Deaf is a basic run-of-the-mill punk album, only worse. Hailing from Lincoln, NE, this quartet already has three strikes against them.

They started off as a joke and for some reason have seemingly grown into the next big thing, playing the Warped Tour for two straight years. Strike one for not being a serious band to begin with.

They do a horrendous remake of “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” The original was bad enough, but every remake since has been worse. This is the liquid at the bottom of a sack of garbage. Strike Two.

They appeal to junior high and high school “punks” who enjoy diary entries like, “Jenny and I really hate your guts/We cannot believe you’re such a slut,” and “Girlfriend I wouldn’t care if you smelled like cat piss/I’d still think you were great.” Strike Three.

With the basic punk pattern and twisted lyrics down pat, Straight Outta Junior High comes off as a poor man’s Guttermouth, and that is not a compliment. SOJH is a joke that has worn thin, and Kiss of Deaf proves it. Their fan-base started off with just a few and has grown thanks to the Warped Tour. Fortunately, these prepubescent fans will grow up and mature, ultimately leaving Kiss of Deaf in a box in the back of their closets with all their other junior high school memories. Three strikes and you’re out.

Straight Outta Junior High:

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