The Sad Riders

The Sad Riders

The Sad Riders

Lay Your Head on the Soft Rock

Doghouse Records

The Sad Riders will appeal to fans of Doghouse Records’ emo-ish band Favez, considering that this is Favez’s vocalist Chris Wicky’s first solo album. While Favez was more into the overdriven guitars and grandiose songs, Lay Your Head on the Soft Rock is a much more subdued excursion into the acoustic realms of Wicky’s head.

A lot of this record reminds me of former Doghouse champions Chamberlain; I could never quite pin them down as a “country” outfit, as their sound had so much more to it. The same can be said of this Sad Riders album. The album’s first song, “The Plains and the High Roads,” is a really cool rock song with country tinges, while the second song, “Maybe Just on Fridays,” is full fledged country, complete with brushed drums, country guitar pickin’ and a laid back swagger. The entire album sits between these dynamics: rock vs. country. The one constant is Wicky’s voice, something rather warm, inviting and entirely unique. He’s got the kind of voice that both welcomes and haunts, and is truly unforgettable.

Not being a fan of country stuff, I was surprised at how much I like Lay Your Head…. It has so much charm and warmth, I don’t think I could have not liked it, no matter how hard I tried. Doghouse just keeps crankin’ out the winners!

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