The Warren Brothers

The Warren Brothers

The Warren Brothers

Well Deserved Obscurity

429 Records

It’s country-fried folk music, but very listenable. These guys lurk around the fringes of the Yee Haw music world, releasing neat little albums with great music, self-depreciating titles and just enough commercial potential to put them onto what might be considered a hipster country scene. There are touching ballads like “Come Back to Me,” semi-novelty rockers (“Sell a Lot of Beer”) and a traditional waitress pickup number (“Southern Baptist Heartbreak”). These two guys, Brad and Brett Warren, have the licks and lyrics to make the big-time, and they are getting some respectable air play on the syndicated country stations that infuse this fair land.

What makes them stand out? Well, the music harkens back to the roots of country, with a slide guitar sound and clean simple stories. There’s no faux rock and roll mentality, I don’t see those hokey mega hats everyone on CMT is required to wear and the production values are top notch. I don’t even LIKE modern country, but I keep sticking this disc back in the player. You’d do well to get a copy and keep it handy for those rainy days when the pickup won’t start and the waitress left before you woke up. Like today.

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