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Lach is the self-proclaimed founder of the anti-folk scene that influenced the likes of Michelle Shocked and The Moldy Peaches. His new album, Today, demonstrates his acoustic alternative approach, and while it won’t be to everyone’s tastes, there’s a reason why so many artists have been influenced by Lach’s style. The opening track, “Antenna,” is as good a starting point as any, with its slightly chaotic opening bars and raucous vibe. “Parade” continues the feel of an album that really fits no genre. Sure, there are hooks and melodies, but the music is loose and raw enough to convey a genuine sense of anarchy and musical revolution.

The laid back “Junior” is a marked deviation in style, but the message — about a new arrival to the city trying to discover the anti-folk ethos — couldn’t be clearer: “She senses their presence in music, art and song/Junior, there’s an answer that no pop song can deliver”. And with these lines, Lach sums up anti-folk perfectly.


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