Life In Reverse


Lynam comprises a couple of former members of Mars Electric, and continues that band’s brand of high energy modern rock. But with lead singer Jason Bunton credited as Jacob Lynam (and also listed as playing the mandolin), there’s a tongue in cheek element to this trio.

Opener “Loved By Everyone” is an enjoyable slab of immensely catchy modern rock, complete with ironic ’80s-style gang vocals. “Everybody’s Girl” has a hilarious keyboard riff that masks the dark theme of profiling a helpless prostitute. “Descend” is a mid-paced ballad that first appeared on Mars Electric’s most recent album. “In Case You Didn’t Know” is a lot more upbeat, with a driving pop-rock vibe and insistent melody.

Lynam’s website ( suggests that the band members don’t take themselves too seriously. But judging by the quality of most of the tunes on Life In Reverse, maybe they should.


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