Gravity Affects Me


Former Athenaeum and Collapsis member Mike Garrigan is one talented guy. He often posts to his website demos that even some major label bands would kill to have written, and now his brand of reflective modern rock has a new outlet, MG4. The band sees Garrigan switch places at the mic with former Athenaeum vocalist Mark Kano, who now undertakes guitar duties, and with Gravity Affects Me, the quartet has released an EP of exceptional quality.

The four songs on this collection are — with the exception of the closing track, “Run From Thunder” — dark in theme and vibe, each representing a personal epiphany. The stunning opener, “Another Day In Paradise,” reflects just that, dealing with the need to change the priorities in life. “Gravity Affects Me” is dense and dark, yet still retains a deeply affecting melody. “Walk In Circles” is almost as intense, and “Run From Thunder” closes things out in a positive, uplifting fashion.

MG4 must be one of the most talented modern rock bands currently without a major record deal. But having been down that road before, Garrigan is in no hurry to align his band with one of the corporate giants. As Gravity Affects Me demonstrates, he’s content making music on his own terms and for that, we should be grateful.

Mike Garrigan:

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