Orquestra Popular de Camara

Orquestra Popular de Camara

Orquestra Popular de Camara


Adventure Music

Orquestra Popular de Camara is less a group and more a loose association of some of the finest musicians at work in Brazil today. Combining elements of jazz and traditional Brazilian folk, Orquestra Popular De Camara perform their songs on a wide array of traditional Brazilian instruments, thus creating music that is airy, light and authentic to the traditions from which the musicians and their instruments are drawn.

This self-titled album is book-ended by two lengthy tracks, “Bayaty/E. Mansuro” and “Suite para Pular Cama (Ever o Brazil/Benjamin Taubkin.” Between these tracks resides the whole world of popular Brazilian music explored in a dizzying array of instruments, styles and timbres. Monica Salmaso provides occasional vocals, but overall the music retains its jazzy, breezy instrumental feel. This is an exciting and adventurous album sure to captivate and entertain any fan of Brazilian-inspired jazz or simply an adventurous fan of good music.

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