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Further proof — as if it was needed — that outside of the mainstream media are some truly gifted and talented musicians is immediately found on Wishlisting, Rob Seals’s sophomore record. The LA resident released the excellent A Revolution of One in 2001, and Wishlisting builds on that album’s crisply produced, polished and thoughtful Americana-pop.

Wishlisting seems to be even more melodic and memorable than its predecessor, with tracks like “Play,” “Over and Over” and “A Good Day” remaining long in the memory. “Lying Awake” is a stunningly beautiful piano-based track that is as emotive as anything Seals has written previously. The delicate yearnings of “Stay” pull at the heartstrings, as does the closing track, “Mary,” which highlights Seals’ expressive, yet restrained voice. It’s not surprising that Seals always has something interesting to say on this album, and tracks like the cleverly written “The Plagiarist” confirm that notion, with a perfectly executed and sophisticated take on a novelist finding something notably familiar in a book he picks up.

Musically, Seals shares some similarities with Dave Matthews and early Vertical Horizon, due in no small part to the presence of VH bassist Sean Hurley among an impressive list of musical guests. As a result of such collaborations, top notch production and some wonderful songwriting, Wishlisting has an air of quality which very few independent recordings can match.

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