Street Punk Worldwide

Street Punk Worldwide

Street Punk Worldwide

Various Artists

Street Anthem /Rebellion / Bandworm

Three labels, 23 bands from all over Europe and the United States (talk about globalism!) and one disc. This collection covers a lot of ground; more than I can completely do justice to in this small space, so let’s hit the highlights. “Heroes” by Badlands provides a nice ballad-oriented song, redolent of Celtic influences and stale beer. Another song I keep returning to is “Clockwork Army” by Clockwork Crew. A band should have a signature anthem, and this tune is bouncy and in your face, residing somewhere between oi! and power pop. It’s infectious, and makes you want to pogo on someone else’s kicker boots. Razor Blades offer a nice dark tune called “Staten Island Serenade,” which would be a great tune near the end of a smoky, drunken set. I can just see the bartender giving everyone the evil eye so they get out before they puke on his nice linoleum floor. The terminal track, “Soul Control 3” by The Vigilantes, carries a nice, soaring melody line, somehow wistful yet violent, and infused with disgust for an ex-girlfriend. It’s a wonderful cap to this consistent and well done compilation of modern Oi! music. Yes, these guys ARE punk enough, and I advise you to crank this compilation when some hip hop blasting car pulls up. The fight should be very invigorating.

Rebellion Records: • Bandworm Records: • Street Anthem Records:

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