The Go Team

The Go Team

The Go! Team

Thunder, Lightning, Strike

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The autumn rains are well set in. The thermometer is dropping faster than a pornstar’s underwear. You’re starting to wonder whether you have enough chunky knitwear to fend off the coming winter. Summer, with its hazy carefree mood, seems a long time ago. All I can say is, buy this record and get back there! If the term “summery” was ever invented to describe a pop record, this is that record. If you can listen to this without smiling, you are probably a Republican.

The Go! Team hail from Brighton, England. They’ve only played about six gigs or something, but they have created a record that Phil Spector would be proud to have made if he wasn’t caught up in that pesky murder trial. Four guys and two girls have appeared from nowhere with an album full of pop gems.

How to describe it? They take old samples you’ve never heard of and twist them into infectious anthems that somehow manage to be both ultra-shiny and lo-fi. Imagine the backing tracks of the best Motown girl groups combined with honky-tonk piano, a dash of banjo, the occasional helium-voiced female rap, a random electro spatter, the clatter of 60’s beat-group drums and, above all, a sense of gorgeous fun. You’re still nowhere near. How good is this record? It’s got recorders on it, and even they sound fuckin’ awesome!

“Bottle Rocket” makes you want to breakdance. “Panther Dash” makes you want to jump up and down in the street. “Ladyflash” makes you want to kiss whoever it was that made it. “Get It Together” just tumbles into your heart like a stray puppy.

I know. This looks like a superlative frenzy for a band no one else has heard of. Just get it and tell me I’m wrong. I dare you.

The Go! Team:

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