Until the End

Until the End

Until the End

The Blind Leading the Lost


Bust out the Chloraseptic and put up a barricade, because Until the End’s The Blind Leading the Lost is a bleeding throat growl/screamer with shreds of chugga chugga shrapnel being flung every which way! Taking obvious cues from the legendary Sick of it All, just about every song here is a powerhouse of steamrolling aggression and destruction.

The lyrical content is actually just as confrontational as the music. The entire album is a full throttle blast at President Bush and his choice to send troops to Iraq. Even the artwork features mock propaganda posters with slogans such as “We’re all safer when Uncle Sam’s watching”; or, “Support the troops, not traitors,” as a stoic looking American points his finger at a guy holding a sign protesting the war in Iraq. The most telling poster uses images of WTC ablaze, accompanied with a slogan that reads “It will happen again… unless we keep ’em running.”

The Blind Leading the Lost is a solid chugga hardcore album, in the vein of early Biohazard and Sick of it All. Yet ironically, the message and artwork are more captivating than the music.

Eulogy: www.eulogyrecordings.com

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