Cattle Decapitation

Cattle Decapitation

Cattle Decapitation


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Cattle Decapitations win this year’s award for the most revolting album cover, by far. Not only is it extremely disgusting, it’s also fairly humorous, in a very depraved way. Rather than describe it here, I’ll let you “experience” it for yourself.

Humanure is what fans of Cattle Decapitation should expect: fast, violent and aggressive grindcore, at its finest. With two of Cattle Decapitation’s members also in The Locust, it’s probably a safe bet that fans of Cattle Decapitation are also Locust fans. While The Locust keeps getting weirder, Cattle Decapitation keeps getting better. The riffs on this album are much sharper and cleverer than on previous releases. The recording quality is a lot better this time around, as well, evidenced by the clarity of the band’s biting guitars.

Fans of Regurgitate, Carcass and The Locust will enjoy this album for its aggression and power. Fans of metal, in general, will like this simply for the fact that there’s some really creative riffs here, and an overall sense of doom and gloom. Yippie!

Metal Blade:

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