DJ Baby Anne

DJ Baby Anne

DJ Baby Anne


System Recording

DJ mixes are always a bit weird to write about. It’s not the quality of the music but the selection — and how well one cut fits with the next — that counts. DJ Baby Anne is an Orlando alum who dominates the Drum and Bass scene with clean sets, tight breaks, short vinyl mini dresses and bondage gear. While she relies on the works of many other musicians, she has also done some recording herself, and her innovative and intriguing cut “Mixtress” sits square in the middle of this set. Like all D&B, it’s stripped down to the essential rhythm, with a bit of keyboards sneaking in to keep you from numbing out. Tricky little brass sounds squeak in around her breathy vocals. It’s a worthy centerpiece. I find Drum and Bass to wear thin after a few cuts, but here’s something that keeps providing intriguing sound bites for the longest dance set.

System Recording:

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