King Missile III

King Missile III

King Missile III

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For some reason, I’m having trouble trying to write about this prolific spoken word artist. I think it’s the weird range of topics, but here goes: King Missile puts out another iconoclastic collection of odd little poems, backed by an intriguing guitar and drum line. As with all spoken word stuff, there are pieces that you love and pieces that you hate. So far, all the stuff I love resides near the end of this disc, such as the clever take on physics and superheroes, “Anti Matter.” Mr. Missile reflects on the uses of anti-matter, Wonder Woman and whether the Swiss are developing a yummy anti-matter chocolate man to take over the world with 6 foot penises. A more strident piece, “America Kicks Ass” provides a realpolitik view of America’s standing in the world. Sure, we don’t have to answer to anyone but God or space aliens, and Mr. Missile is not happy with the situation.

Mr. Missile definitely resides in a blue state, and spews forth the sort of righteous anger that will browbeat you around to his position, even if you started there to begin with. This album is thought-provoking and interesting, although it does tend to rely on profanity, especially on the mercifully short “Pain Series VIII: Stubbed Toe.” There’s nothing here to match his classic piece “Detachable Penis,” but it’s a worthy collection with some college radio airplay potential.

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