Nevea Tears

Nevea Tears

Nevea Tears

Do I Have to Tell You Why I Love You?


Wow! What a ground-breaking concept! The guys in Nevea Tears play music that toes the line between melodic punk and metal, with tons of time changes and occasional angular guitars. The vocalists do this thing where sometimes they sing; but at other times, they scream their lyrics. Do I Have to Tell You Why I Love You? would definitely go down in history as a trendsetter … if it was still 1993, that is.

Why do so many bands play this “screamo” music? I would really like to know. This genre was mastered long ago by the likes of Heroin and Angel Hair, yet these bands just keep beating a dead horse! There have been a few since then who have brought something new to the genre (Ink & Dagger, Thursday, My Chemical Romance, to name a few), but for the most part, bands like Nevea Tears are just barfing up the “already been done.” Each song on this album sounds exactly like the one before it: angular, distorted guitars; hard hitting, off-time drums; a singer who sings and a singer who screams; sometimes they play fast, and sometimes they play slow. These are, more or less, the same 10 songs.

If I had to pick a “standout” track here, I guess it would be “Today Cake, Tomorrow Spraying for Roaches.” It’s super violent and aggressive, reminding me of Since By Man! Overall, though, I’d be mad if I paid money for this, as I already own a large stack of CDs that sound exactly like it.


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