Cult pop-rockers The Tories may well have broken up, but their legacy remains with the imminent success of former lead singer Steve Bertrand’s new project, Avion, and now former guitarist JJ Farris’s new band, Red37. Although Red37 is more edgy and less commercial than Avion, their brand of powerful, melodic modern rock should attract some major label attention.

Also featuring Nelson twin Matt Nelson and former Neve drummer Brian Burwell, Red37 has a particularly powerful sound for a three piece, as demonstrated on aggressive opener “Crawl My Way Out,” the punchy “Here I Am Again” and the impressive “On My Side.” The slick “Evermore,” the anthemic “If You Try Again” and the mid-paced ballad “Ticket To Find It” all recall the sound of The Tories’ sophomore album, Upside Of Down. Standout tune and could-be hit “Movin’ On” brilliantly showcases Farris’s ear for melody.

The fact that there’s a glut of excellent modern rock songs in evidence here should guarantee Red37 a better than average chance of success. And considering how The Tories fell just short of a breakthrough, that would be nothing less than Farris deserves.


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