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Seven Mary Three

Seven Mary Three



Album number five for Seven Mary Three sees the band taking a much darker turn than displayed on the breakout single “Cumbersome” from their platinum debut album, American Standard. When you consider that the band has seen its record label dissolve and has split from its manager, such a sonic shift is perhaps expected.

This vibe is clearly emphasized on “Bark No Bite” and “Found My Center,” which boast thick, dirty riffs and layered melodies. “Made To Be Broken” reflects on the band’s battles with music industry politics, while “Without You Feels,” the most commercial tune on the record, deals with the fallout of a fractured relationship. But it’s the driving rock of “Settle Up” that truly stands out here.

Dis/Location is a solid and powerful album that demands perseverance and repeat listens to be fully appreciated. As with bands like Oleander, however, Seven Mary Three provides a refreshing honest, alternative voice in the modern rock scene.

Seven Mary Three:

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