The Flesh Eaters

The Flesh Eaters

The Flesh Eaters

Miss Muerte


When it comes to punk, I’ve always been of the mind that a song’s quality is usually inversely proportional to its length. In lieu of this logic, the edited version of Miss Muerte’s title track is by far the stand out number. It’s three-and-a-half minutes of garage stomp that The Hives would kill for. While this song kicks the album off with limitless promise, the boundaries pop up awfully quickly. “Blonde Cobra,” “Azami” and “Part Time Wife” all border the five minute mark, meaning that needless rehashings of each song’s chorus/verse structure are done to death. Head Flesheater Chris D. deserves credit for being able to resurrect a decent graveyard sound that nears vibrancy a number of times, but twenty years of an on again/off again recording schedule has left him with more dead weight than anything else.


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