Crossing The Rubicon

Crossing The Rubicon

Crossing The Rubicon

by Michael C. Ruppert

New Society Publishers

Now Bush and his minions have been returned to office. One can’t say “elected” since our current system of voting is a bewildering mish-mash of invisible, untraceable systems that can’t (by design) be verified. Thus leading to charges, most likely accurate, that the system is rigged. But whatever, the most dangerous, primitive man ever to take the oath has been returned to power. What this means, both for our nation and the world, is yet to be seen, although it doesn’t bode well for those who cherish liberty, justice, and security. Bush has taken every occasion to firmly resist any attempts to make our county safer or to advance the cause of liberty. Either here, or on the killing fields of the Middle East.

No, it is impossible to guess just how much damage Bush will do in the next four years (provided he makes it that long). But it is possible to look back on his first term and examine the what’s and the why’s. Something that his supporters standfastly refuse to do. When polled, 40% of Bush voters believed that Iraq had a hand in 9/11. Despite years of proof showing that this wasn’t true, despite denials from Bush, Cheney et al, four out of ten people persist in holding dear this fallacy. They do so in order to justify the war in Iraq and their own bloodlust. And it must take some amount of effort to do so. Since outside of Fox News and right-wing message boards, no one else takes such statements as anything but a lie floated to make our power grab in Iraq seem necessary.

We’re not allowed to forget that if we remove one element of our recent history we wouldn’t be discussing a second Bush term. That event, of course, is 9/11. In a single day a bumbling, disinterested man became a statesman of sorts. From that day forward, he has “led the fight” against terrorism, and vowed to bring those responsible to justice. There are only two problems with that scenario. First, he has done nothing to fight terrorism, using it instead as a smokescreen behind which he has started two wars of conquest, not defense.

And secondly…?

Oh yeah. He knew 9/11 was going to occur. And not in a “read the briefing, increased threat level sort of way”, either. Those 7 minutes he sat in a Florida classroom, after he heard of the second plane hitting the towers? It was either the reaction of a ill-advised idiot, or that of a man who knew that he, and the people around him, were not at risk. Since the president is one of the most advised people on earth, it can’t be the former, which leaves us with the scenario that this brilliant and vital book, Crossing The Rubicon illustrates.

Michael Ruppert, a former LAPD narcotics investigator, has studied the abuses of government power for decades. He has traced a pattern of official malfesence from the days of CIA drug running in Los Angeles, to the effect of what is termed “peak oil”, which he contends is the single most important issue facing world leaders today. To understand the whats and whys of our current administration, you must grasp a concept which has been proved time and time again: That we have reached, or are about to meet, the point of peak oil. That moment at which the oil reserves of the planet begin to lessen, making each barrel more and more expensive and important. Whoever controls the sale, distribution, and transport of oil in the future essentially controls the world. If we wake up one day and decide that the limited amount of remaining oil is the property of the west, well then, sorry China, you need to fill your cars somewhere else. Knowing, of course, that the “somewhere else” no longer exists.

This weighty book (over 600 pages, with some 900+ footnotes) is not some slapdash, paranoid rant from a tinfoil hat wearing liberal. No, this work lays out, page by documented page, exactly how the attacks were allowed to occur, our governments’ “reaction” to them, and gives numerous examples of what led to that horrible day. Did you know that multiple “war game” scenarios were occurring that morning? Scenarios, supposedly used to help prepare our defense system, that included simulations of planes flying into buildings? Or that the debris trail from flight 93 was spread over a matter of miles, which is not consistent with the aftermath of a crash (as we have been told) but rather that of an explosion? And what exactly happened to the Pentagon? A functioning pair of eyes shows that no “plane” struck the building — what did? What caused WTC 7, the smaller building alongside of the twin towers, to collapse? It was not hit in the attacks, and suffered no amount of damage from the other towers, but still it fell. Was this a freak accident, or a controlled demolition as alluded to by the leaseholder of the World Trade Center complex?

Sadly, those who need to read this book, that need most to have their illusions about our government and the world destroyed and replaced with a more factual, accurate picture would never read this work. They will never listen to the facts of 9/11, or Iraq, or anything that points the finger of guilt at those they have in these fearful times taken as their saviors. Those in power know this, they rely on this willful ignorance to operate largely unmolested. And if questions begin to arise, well then, lets distract them with issues such as gay marriage, or rumors of an impending attack, and soon enough, vital questions are forgotten, the questioners relegated to the status of “nuts” who “hate America” and “support the terrorists”. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course. Those who question our government do so from a far deeper love of country than those who supposedly run it. Other than peace of mind, we stand to gain little or nothing from knowing the answers to these questions, since we seemingly aren’t allowed to elect- or even run for office- any candidate that challenges the official story. Who does stand to gain from these attacks on our nation? Or our reign of terror in Iraq? And exactly how far would they go to advance their notions of how the world should work?

This book shows exactly how far. Almost 3,000 dead in the United States, reportedly 100,000 plus in Iraq — all dead by our hand based on a lie. Our leaders did this. Your president did this. Read this book, investigate it yourself, and prove its conclusions wrong. If you can’t, then you need to focus your energies on removing those people who committed these acts — and those that allowed them to occur — from ever doing so again, either by impeachment or some other method.

However, if you won’t take the time — and the courage — to decide for yourself what has occurred in our world in the last four years, then you are reacting exactly how “they” want to act. You are giving these butchers, these serial liars-in-chief free reign to do whatever they deem necessary to preserve their — not your — way of life. And when the day arrives that you are no longer necessary, you will be sacrificed to a greater good. Of this there is no mistake. This book certainly proves that.

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