Annie Lin

Annie Lin

Annie Lin

Truck Was Struck


Truck Was Struck is kind of like the Rashomon of albums, or at least that’s what Annie Lin would like it to be. The truth is, she’s half right; four of the songs here actually deal with the theme of a car accident related from different perspectives. The remaining tracks, curiously devoid of even the slightest automotive reference, are comprised of saccharine melodrama (“Path of Least Resistance” and “Whole”) or bland social commentary (“Common Ground”). There’s even a live reprise of the title track tacked on as a hidden song, just to remind the listener how the disc fails as a concept album. WTF?!

Lin’s got her collegiate folk-pop strum down well enough to please the coffee house literati, and her voice is a near mirror of Mary Lou Lord’s minus about 1000 cigarettes. Though I’ll never intentionally listen to this CD again, she’ll fall into a niche somewhere for the time being. She’s going to need to hone all of her skills quite a bit before her next release, though, or else she’ll end up just falling through the cracks.


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