Berg Sans Nipple

Berg Sans Nipple

Berg Sans Nipple

Play the Immutable Truth


Play the Immutable Truth is proof positive that DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing is still a viable influence. A percussion dream, this EP takes the love of big beats beyond Shadow’s hip hop context and into that flirtatious realm between rock and avant-garde. This being said, the group never really strays too much into the latter for anyone to be put off by the amount of experimentation.

The opening track, “An Eternity in Purgatory,” is the duo’s opus: pummeling syncopated drums, a tiny, tinny xylophone melody and a low, infinite web of bass holding everything together for the cut-and-paste vocals to flow over. “Hark, the Poonie Angel Sings!” is like a mashed-up James Bond soundtrack: the cool trumpet swing of Sean Connery with the dance floor electro of Pierce Brosnan. “Memory Hole” is slinky and predatory, with its shaking, hesitant horn melody and incessantly pursuant rhythm section. More like this, please, and soon.


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