Remember Who I Am

Daemon Records

Here’s a fun, smooth and entertaining folk trio with a name completely unrelated to recent political arguments. The members take turns writing, singing and playing, and all approach the varying assignments with skill and poise. Doris Muramatsu is my favorite, with the touching “The Shape I Found You In,” a smooth, folksy ballad with a slick, big city feeling.

The other members of this band, Nate Bronsky and Ty Greenstein, carry a tune just as well, and the three together turn in some amazing harmonies. The songwriting is quite strong, and some of their lyrics can bring you to tears if things are messed up enough in your life. For some reason, the little line “rope ladders to your heart” (from “Shape I Found You In”) really got me. Brrr….

This is what mellow music SHOULD sound like: cutting but not sappy, reassuring without being overly optimistic. Girlyman has a timeless sound and a magical delivery.


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