WWIII Live 2003


It’s great to listen to some loud, brain shattering, foot stomping industrial music again. It takes me back to a time, a decade ago, when bands like Nine Inch Nails, Ministry and Skinny Puppy were the dark horses of popular music. The kind of music you could only hear on the radio after midnight on the cool college station, or in dank, dark clubs that smelled of stale beer and sweat.

KMFDM’s new live record truly captures that time. Recorded in Seattle on their 2003 tour, the record is a messy blend of industrial, techno, metal and rap. Since their inception in 1984, KMFDM has had a revolving door in terms of band members. Old fans of the band may resist this record because of the absence of some key members. But if you can get past that, you will enjoy a damn fine record.

The set for this show includes old and new songs that accentuate the band’s strengths: guitars and drums. The balance of male and female vocals is what sets KMFDM apart from other industrial rock acts. Evoking at one moment the sounds of Ministry, and in the next Lords of Acid. Much credit to their current success has to be given to the beautifully haunting voice of Lucia Cifarelli. Fans will recognize her from the band’s MDFMK project.

WWIII Live 2003 is a good place for young fans of nu-metal and industrial to start digging. If your record collection contains Marilyn Manson, Godsmack and Fear Factory, but you’ve never heard of Einsturzend Neubauten, then this album is a good place to start your journey backwards in music history.


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