The House That Lords Built

Initial Records

I’m not sure if this is a full-length album or an EP, but it’s basically ten minutes of really aggressive music. Imagine crossing Swing Kids, Since By Man!, Ink and Dagger and Black Cross, with Steve Albini turning the knobs. That’s what The House that Lords Built sounds like.

The drums and guitars come together to make the angular, start/stop mathcore stuff that Ink & Dagger perfected with their pre-_Fine Art of Original Sin_ work. The vocals are very Since By Man! – you know, that screamed through a megaphone thing that they do. The guitars have a lot of body, which is weird since bands like this usually have a mess of high end treble going on. The guitarists themselves are actually very talented, in a Drive Like Jehu/Hot Snakes kind of way. They come up with some of the most askew guitar lines. The drummer, too, deserves kudos. His arms flail about from start to finish here, and the stuff he’s doing is very difficult.

Overall, this rocks me straight out of my pants. I love this spastic-mathy-finding-screamo-phillps stuff, and The House that Lords Built does it right. Fans of the Troubleman sound of the mid 1990’s will totally dig this, as will fans of anything energetic and chaotic. A+!

Initial Records: http://www.initialrecords.com

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