Metaphysics For Beginners

Metaphysics For Beginners

Metaphysics For Beginners

Various Artists


At some point in our mix making careers, we’ve all made a tape or CD like Metaphysics For Beginners. We started off with a few choice tracks and a vague idea of purpose that ultimately went nowhere, an unfocused showcase of how eclectic our CD collection is. I’m not trying to impugn the quality of the songs here. There are quite a few good ones. Sufjan Stevens, Figurine, Saturday Looks Good to Me, Summer at Shatter Creek and Make Believe all turn in worthwhile material. But the rest is either live, remixed, largely forgettable, or worse, memorably annoying. Both Will & Robert Creeley’s inexplicable beat box/sad rap intro “Lackawanna Lives” and Love of Everything’s limping, lame castrati nursery rhyme outro “Sky Falls Down” are the most notable offenders. Only hardcore devotees or folks who’re fans of multiple artists on this disc should look into tracking this offering down. Everyone else would be best served searching your favorite file sharing community.


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