Pigmy Love Circus

Pigmy Love Circus

Pigmy Love Circus

The Power of Beef

Go Kart Records

This is an amazingly mellow heavy metal album. How can that be? Well, after the initial sonic blast that always happens when your volume is set wrong, this pretty cool band delivers a sound that is consistent in structure yet provides more than enough difference in tone to convince you that each song really IS different than the one before. Example? “Drug Run to Fontana” has a morbidly humorous chorus and a slowly modulated bass line. Immediately afterwards, we plunge into “Swamp Creature,” a slightly more danceable tune about doing something awful in the bayou, with a menacing guitar rhythm driving it forward. It’s not just head banging, it’s THOUGHTFUL head banging.

So, to whom on your Christmas or Chanukah list should this record go? Clearly, it will be on the list of a late teens/early 20s male with bad hair, a propensity for torn tee shirts and an Area 51 sign on his bedroom door. Now, mom MIGHT like this band. And with Dad, you can never tell. So I’d slip in a Target gift card instead, just to be safe.

Pigmy Love Circus: www.pigmylovecircus.com

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