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nice + smooth

Track notes for this compilation from the Nice + Smooth label inform me its producer was trying to make a mix CD that was a little bit different, a “wheel o’ genres” encircling a consistent hub. That effort was a partial failure. It’s not so different, but it’s not so bad; tasteful, tasty… and just a little boring in places. But throughout, there’s enough pieces of genuine interest for the electronic/dub fan to enjoy.

Chief among them, Kinder Atom’s “Ascension,” which uses a minimalist, chilly piano line to neat effect; their well-titled “Slushy Dub” makes similarly artful use of heavy flute samples.

Fast-forward to the end: this is, after all, another one of those chill-out compilations that is only as good as your interest in, not to say tolerance for, chill-out. Is it worth the purchase price? Well, between you, me and the lamppost, I wouldn’t pay full cost, but a nice used copy could be a creditable addition to your collection.

nice + smooth:

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