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Boy, when Starchild say that they are influenced by Black Sabbath, they aren’t kidding! I’d actually call it something closer to a blatant rip off. But “influenced by” and “we’re ripping off” aren’t all that different, I guess.

I’m probably being too hard on these guys, but once you hear the vocalist, you’ll know what I’m saying; he sounds a lot like Ozzy. This guy doesn’t just sound like someone trying to sound like Ozzy, he really sounds quite identical to the man himself! The band, too, mimics Sabbath’s slower, gloomier and sludgier stuff. It’s good, though, that these guys were smart enough to not snazzy up their guitar sound; it’s total mud, filth and dirge. Fans of the dark and heavy will throw a fist of approval high into the air. The drums, sadly, sound like they were recorded in someone’s bathroom, and lack the adequate punch.

Don’t get me wrong, claims of plagiarism aside, I actually enjoy Starchild quite a bit. This disc will appeal to stoner metal fans and sludge fans alike. The overall feel is one of complete gloom and loss. Who could ask for anything more?


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