Sylvie Lewis

Sylvie Lewis

Sylvie Lewis

Tangos and Tantrums

Cheap Lullaby

Tangos and Tantrums is a sophisticated collection of laid-back lounge numbers that seem more in keeping with last century than with 2005. Some critics might accuse British-born Lewis of jumping on the Norah Jones jazz-inspired bandwagon. But such comparison would be a little harsh, as songs like “Promises of Paris” and “Old Friends” are more like wartime ballads than commercial, contemporary-flavored tunes.

Indeed, a sense of nostalgia colors Tangos and Tantrums throughout. There’s more than a smattering of romance in songs, like “By Heart.” The clever “All His Exes” has the knockabout feel of a Cockney cabaret sing-along, and “My Rival” is a real old-time showstopper. Lewis’s voice has real depth and range, and all the songs are original compositions, despite the fact they somehow seem to be from a distant age.

Tangos and Tantrums won’t be to everyone’s taste, but in an age of homogeneity, it is a breath of fresh air.

Sylvie Lewis:

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