Worm Quartet

Worm Quartet

Worm Quartet

Faster Than A Speeding Mullet

Flaming Mayo

You know, if it weren’t for the DIY movement, we wouldn’t be subjected to the juvenile casiotone speedmetal parody of Worm Quartet.

What a depressing thought.

The Worm Quartet – actually, one very cabin-fevered individual named Shoebox, and I know that’s not even his real name – returns with a second album chock-full of fibrillating keyboard sequences, too-smart-for-their-own good lyrics and sheer utter nonsense. It’s the kind of stuff that’ll make you laugh like an imbecile, or stop returning your imbecile laughing friend’s calls. Worm Quartet exists (or so it’s been theorized) squarely in the middle of the musical Bermuda Triangle formed by Atom and his Package, “Weird” Al Yankovic and They Might Be Giants. Can something be squarely in the middle of a triangle? Yes, if that something is Worm Quartet.

Aided by hyperactive keyboards, Worm Quartet spews all manner of lyrical insanity faster than any sane brain can absorb it. “Great Idea For A Song” has to be one of the best ever “I hate you” songs: “If only your name rhymed with ‘sadistic lying slut,’ I’d have a great idea for a song”

Another great moment is “Eskimo Pie Is Not Pie and Contains Very Little Eskimo,” a surreal rant with wisdom like “you cannot bludgeon a sandwich using the sandwich you’re trying to bludgeon” and “suffocate my indigestible tomahawk.”

Almost everyone will get a chuckle or ten out of a single listen of Worm Quartet, but it takes a unique individual to play this over and over and over and over and over and over, regardless of what friends and roommates say. Said individual is looking for a better social circle and a new place to live, so if you know of anything contact Lips care of this mag.

Worm Quartet: http://www.wormquartet.com/nasalbiscuit.htm

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