Berry picking

Berry picking

It goes without saying that Halle Berry is a sexy, beautiful woman. And her Oscar for “Monsters Ball” was well-deserved–it was a raw, painful performance that sticks in the mind.

But, apart from that, I think “Boomerang” back in the day, and one or two others at most, what good movies have you seen in which Berry was well-utilized?

Even her most succesful films, the X-Men movies, were a wrong choice for her. She is too recognizable as a movie star to be belivable as Storm, and unlike Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan and Hugh Jackman, they offer her nothing to chew on as an actress.

Still, you gotta give the woman props for style. At this year’s infamous “Razzie” awards, given to recognize bad performances and films, she was honored for her work in “Catwoman.” And showed up to collect the prize herself.

She shares with previous Razzie “honoree” Ben Affleck the blessing of having gifts but the curse of those gifts not, apparently, including good instincts for picking parts.

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