Buy me something pretty

Buy me something pretty

Or, “please tip your blogger generously.”

If you look over to the right and scroll down a bit, you’ll see we’ve added a button for donations via Paypal. If you’re amazed at the quality of posts on this site (I know I am), please consider making a small donation to the Buy Ben Those CDs & Books He Can’t Score Through The Ink 19 Gig Fund.

If nothing else, I do have an Wish List, you know.*

I thank you.

*Sometimes that link appears to go to a list of their wish list top sellers. I think it’s something stupid to do with cookies.

To get mine, you may have to enter my email–my name (first and last) at–in the “find a wish list” field. If you get a list that starts with Talk to the Hand : A Doonesbury Collection and Heaven 17, that’s the one.

Nothing’s easy, is it?

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