Autumn’s Grey Solace

Autumn’s Grey Solace

Autumn’s Grey Solace

Over the Ocean


Cold and alone, you wrap your arms around yourself the way your lover used to do. The candle flame flickers, casting warm shadows upon the ceiling, the light wavering in your eyes as the tears begin to come, the memories of what you both had and lost. The walls close in around you, suffocatingly close, and you turn inward, escaping into a brighter dream of futures past, full hearts and trembling lips, hope and despair intimately entwined, shifting and shimmering like sunlit shadows on ocean waves.

For anyone who has loved desperately and lost desolately, Over the Ocean will be a warm and welcoming companion in the madness. Building achingly lovely, fragile songs around Erin Welton’s gorgeous voice and lush keyboards and Scott Ferrell’s hypnotic guitar textures, Autumn’s Grey Solace picks up where Love Spirals Downward left off. Both earthy and ethereal, Erin’s singing alternately swathes you in a warm, loving embrace and strands you in a cold, dark place, waiting for a companion who will never come. Listening to her voice, surrounded with Scott’s plucked and strummed and chiming guitars, is like taking a trip to the edge of dream, submerging briefly in the inky waters of nightmare, then finally surfacing in the land of the living once more. A find for fans of heavenly voices, shoegazer guitars and gothic romanticism.


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