Nikola Sarcevic

Nikola Sarcevic

Nikola Sarcevic


Burning Heart

Nikola Sarcevic is the vocalist for Swede punks Millencolin. However, those who love Millencolin’s fast-paced melodic punk may have a hard time getting into Lock-Sport-Krock. Yet, while it’s something completely different, this album is a much higher quality piece of music than anything Millencolin has ever released.

Sarcevic’s primary instruments of choice are the acoustic guitar and his deliciously warm and fluid voice. When’s he’s rockin’ out with Millencolin, it’s almost as if he’s hiding what a truly beautiful voice he has. On “Viola,” Sarcevic’s sweet crooning floats above a spare bed of brushed drums and acoustic guitar. There’s also a pretty sounding xylophone that reminds me of Radiohead’s “No Surprises.” The song is totally laid back, in a “cowboy on the plains” kind of way. I love it! The album’s title track is traditional American country music: a simple little guitar lick, over which a harmonica boasts a sort of longing triumph. The guitar melody of “Vila Rada” would easily fit on the soundtrack to some Clint Eastwood western. Sarcevic sings pitifully to someone who he loves, someone who, for whatever reason, is gone.

This is a country/folk album, the way it should be done: stripped down, basic, sad and entirely emotional. It is honest and inspiring. Simply put, this album is awesome. I only hope Sarcevic keeps his solo career going during and after Millencolin.

Burning Heart:

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