The Sound of the Crowd


Couple of things for which I don’t have specfic links, but wanted to make a point or two about. One is definitively ephmeral, the other is not.

  1. The new Duran’s a disappointment. I’m the victim of a bait-and-switch. The opening track appeared first on the “Queer Eye” CD, and was the most thrilling record any incarnation of Duran had made in years, maybe over a decade. That turns out to have been a dance-remix–the album version, and 99 percent of the album, is dreary rock. Which can have its place, but it’s not what I go to Duran Duran for.

  1. You know what makes me nuts about the Schiavo thing? I really resent having a family’s personal tragedy thrust in my face. It’s not just that I don’t care–this is plainly, flatly and clearly none of my business.

Yet I can’t even go to the MSNBC site for news without having her lifeless-eyes, brain-dead face sticking up on my screen inviting me to take a position.

As George Carlin said back around 87, the big GOP slogan was supposed to be “We’ll get Goverment off your backs, and out of your lives.” But when it come to stuff like this, or abortion, they don’t mind so much, do they?

To me, there’s only one issue. Who has the right to decide what’s right for a person in a case like this–their spouse, or their goverment? Call me crazy, I say it’s the spouse.

And as a side note: Didn’t most of these self-same Republicans do a lot of pontificating about being against same-sex marriage because of “the sanctity of marriage?”

Well, then, if oppoiste-sex marriages are so sacred, then they should respect the sancity of this one. I mean, it isn’t like they were just rationalizing or trying to hide their homophobia, is it? Nah…

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