The Sound of the Crowd

Recommended Reading…

  1. Oliver Willis has this to say about Bush: Quack, quack.

2.Mark A.R. Kleiman on how a Republican strategy has backfired:

“that damage to the base comes on top of the alienation of reality-based and process conservatives and libertarians, and of whatever the incident might have done to mobilize Democrats.”

3.Hullabaloo points out that: “…the Nader press release…and the fellow he has partnered with in condemning the Schiavo decisions, both emanate from The Discovery institute, home of crackpot, creationist drivel.”

Not to repeat myself, but I’m still wondering: When exactly did Ralph Nader become insane?

  1. Hoffmania paints a picture. Let’s Say You’re Spending Your Last Few Hours With A Loved One…

  1. Denny Crane (William Shatner) pitches a Starfleet Academy series. Personally, I don’t know why he’d (Denny Crane) want a piece of that loser, when he’s already the star of a winner in which he gets to work with Rhona Mitra as Tara “all men objectify me” Wilson. But…Denny Crane.

  1. AmericaBlog has a report on an upcoming National Press Club panel. This looks to be the most unfair, unbalanced thing I’ve seen since…a certain world science fiction convention discussion of dead lesbians in TV and film.

  1. Speaking of (thankfully living) lesbians, my mother drives a Subaru. As do I.

Somewhere, Keitha and Annabel are laughing at me.

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