The Sound of the Crowd

Ain’t no big deal

Journalists, including those on the Bush team, (Fox, etc) used words like “rare” and even “unprecedented” to describe the compassionate conservative Bush’s decision to interupt his vacation to interfere in a private family medical decision.

Of course, that was back when they still thought it was gonna play in the heartland. Now that they’ve learned you can only fool most of the people some of the time, they’re backpedaling like mad.

Brit “shameful lies” Hume minimized the signifigance of Bush’s actions, allowing that “his [Bush’s] intervention consisted mostly of a signature and some statements from the White House.”

As Media Matters documents, this makes quite a change from the way this was first reported. As they don’t say but I will…he’s the freaking president of the United States! When he signs something and makes some statements from the White House, it’s a big deal!

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