The Sound of the Crowd

I don’t have enough righteousness in me

Or, “Why I’m an artist, not a politician, and that’s probably a good thing.”

Here we have a post from a blog called Amygdala. The blogger, one Gary Farber by name, quotes a lengthy post by Michele, a republican blogger who voted for Bush and now regrets it. Farber concludes (in part):

“…what I wish to urge all my fellow Democrats in regard to those who feel like Michele is that they respond like this: castigate them not. Speak not to them with chastisement of any sort. Welcome them as allies on any issue you are of like mind about. And take it from there. Look to the future, and the now…Do you want to be right or do you want to win?”

Here’s my thing. I’m not saying he’s not right. I just don’t think I have it in me. I mean, fortunately for me, the most republican people I know were so appalled by Bush’s first term that even they held their noses and voted for Kerry. But if I did know someone who voted for Bush, and now was saying “Gosh, gee, um, I didn’t know he’d be this bad?”

I just don’t think I’d have it in me not to scream at them:

“You voted for no privacy, no capturing, trying, convicting, imprisoning or killing Bin Laden, no good reason for 1,500 dead in Iraq, and no Social Security. And now you expect me to coddle your little waterbrain ass? Fuck you.”

Like I said. Good thing I’m not a politican, isn’t it?

ETA: Or, to put it another way.

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